HealthQuest‘s goal is to inspire participants of all athletic abilities to consider and commit to racing a triathlon. This Indoor Tri offers a safe & simulated environment for athletes of all fitness levels to the sport of triathlon. Upon becoming a triathlete indoors, we invite you to commit and register to race on March 17th, 2024. Our HQ Team is here to support you on your 8-week journey & celebrate your accomplishments along the way.

THE RACE - Sunday, March 17th

Race will begin with a 500 meter swim, transition from the pool to the Spin Studio and cycle until you reach 13 miles & final transition will be 5K treadmill run to finish.


Scoring will be in ascending order from fastest to slowest total race times. Each event segment will be recorded and added together to produce your total race time, transition will not affect your total race time. Top placements will be awarded to top 3 male and female finishers.


You are allowed 10 minutes to safely change from the pool to upstairs in the Wheelhouse Spin Studio and five minutes to move downstairs to the treadmills in the Fitness Center for a 5K run.

Why Tri?

Challenge yourself to something new. With an 8-week training program & support along the way, the feeling of accomplishment will be a perfect start to the new year.

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