Gabby has been a HealthQuest member since she was 6 years old and has been in the Gymnastics program for 5 years. This year Gabby is looking forward to and is very excited to have been invited to compete on HealthQuest’s USAG Women’s Junior Olympics Competitive Team!

Gabby trains on the uneven bars, vault, floor and beam. Her favorite (apparatus) to train and compete on is the bars. Her most memorable moments include recitals and exhibitions but her favorite thing about the HQ Gymnastics program is spending time with all of the friends she has made over the years. “I’ve made great friends here at HealthQuest that I would not have met otherwise; our instructors keep it interesting with a lot of variety and it’s always fun!” Gabby recently accomplished her round off back hand spring—Congratulations Gabby!

Gabby N. July 17, 2018

Melissa O., HealthQuest Member since 2010 has earned 3 Gold medals in the extreme sport of ice swimming. Melissa originally joined HealthQuest because of the quality of the pool and the convenience of the pool hours and lane availability. What’s made Melissa stay is her overall experience at HQ. The extraordinary facility, personal training and group fitness programs have all been factors in her success. “I utilize many areas of HealthQuest. I supplement my swimming with weights and treadmills in the Fitness Department. Personal Training has worked with me on injury prevention and Group Fitness’ Yoga and Core Yoga keeps me flexible and strong.” Melissa finds the HealthQuest facility and training to be exceptional but what she appreciates the most is the extraordinary staff. “The HealthQuest staff really goes above and beyond and takes a true interest in my success. In the early morning hours they run a hose in my lane so that I can train in cool water. HealthQuest goes out of their way to help me reach and surpass my goals.”

Melissa O. July 17, 2018

“It’s true; you just can’t beat HealthQuest’s All Inclusive Family Membership. It really makes sense both in value and convenience” Michelle Kleinwaks and her family have been members of HealthQuest since 2006, what initially convinced her to join was the convenience and value of the family membership, but Michelle now believes that the real draw to the club is the sense of community you find at HealthQuest. “HealthQuest is the ‘hub’ of Flemington; it’s the place to connect with family and friends.”

When it comes to exercise Michelle is a big fan of both Group Fitness and Personal Training. “The Quality of the Group Fitness programming at HealthQuest is extraordinary. The motivation, the music, and the enthusiasm are amazing. You leave on a high and you can’t wait to come back. The camaraderie is exceptional; working out at HealthQuest doesn’t feel like a chore. It’s fun. It’s guilt free, calorie burning fun!”

Michelle was motivated to try Personal Training to take her fitness to another level. “I’m amazed at the difference Personal Training can make; I’ve learned that even the smallest changes in exercise and nutrition make the biggest difference in how I look but more importantly, how I feel.

Michelle K. July 17, 2018

As a busy mom, HealthQuest makes it easy for me to take care of myself and my family.”

My family and I joined HealthQuest about 4 years ago. What attracted us the most was the wide variety of activities for children and adults. I’m the type of person that does my homework, so I compared, the truth is I would be paying triple what I pay for a Family Membership in order to have my kids in the same programs elsewhere. It’s important to me that my family live an active lifestyle together; At HealthQuest there really is something for everyone. The fact that I’m not spending my time driving all over the place, the gas we save and the fact that we don’t have to split up as a family makes our membership invaluable to us! The value of the HealthQuest Family Membership is incredible; the convenience of having all of our activities under one roof means everything to me!

Jennie F. July 17, 2018

Taylor D. has been playing Lacrosse since she was 8 years old. She plays goalie for both North Hunterdon High School and T3 Elite. As a stand-out lacrosse player Taylor has been invited to participate in showcase events such as the Nike Elite 120, the Futures Invitational in Maryland as well as the North Star Invitational in Lake Placid, NY. Taylor credits much of her success at these events and on the LAX field to the tips and techniques she has learned through HealthQuest’s Better Athlete-Speed & Agility Program.

“Taylor has the unique ability to push herself beyond her limits, I fully expect Taylor to dominate the field this year” -Chad Zaengle, Certified Personal Trainer

Taylor D. July 17, 2018

The entire VanOrden Family participates in Martial Arts; They enjoy the fact that it is something the whole family can do together. Martial Arts is an art as well as a great way to keep your whole body flexible, strong and toned while being mentally stimulating as well. The VanOrden’s have built strong lasting friendships at HealthQuest and they participate in many different HealthQuest activities; Swim Team, Dance, Gymnastics, and the Outdoor Pool just to name a few!
Glenn: Brown Belt.
Michaela: Brown Belt, Orange Belt in Aikido
Alex (15): Brown Belt. “Alex has shown a steady determination that many people lack. He is very focused and thoughtful, always trying to do his very best.”
Trevor (14): Black Belt. “Trevor is a responsible and dedicate student and marital arts instructor. He continues to impress me with his ability to help our younger students improve. Trevor always trains to the best of his ability showing proper respect and determination.”
Olivia (8): Green Belt. “Olivia is not to be underestimated. She has an inner strength and control that is going to help her achieve any goal she sets for herself.”

“The VanOrden family is a great example of what positive energy and mutual support can accomplish. Each member helps the other to overcome challenges and obstacles in their training and everyday lives.” -Doug Woelfel, Martial Arts Director and Instructor

July 17, 2018

Bill Z. has been a HealthQuest member since 2010. Bill credits HealthQuest and his Personal Trainer Kathy Lane for the fact that at 68 years old he is the same weight that he was at 20! Bill enjoys working out in HealthQuest’s new state-of-the-art Fitness Center. Kathy encouraged Bill to use a Fitness app for calorie tracking. Bill used the app to track his success and set a goal to lose 1 pound per week; he is now down 30 pounds!

Bill has had an excellent experience at HealthQuest and believes that the result he has achieved speaks to the quality of HealthQuest and his trainer. “Kathy is great about developing an effective program that increases in intensity level over time but is always with in my ability, by doing so I have remained injury free and have had great results.”

Bill Z. July 17, 2018

When asked about her experience at HealthQuest, Amanda S. responds with one word, “extraordinary”! Amanda, a HealthQuest member since 2012 has been a regular in Group Fitness. Her involvement in Personal Training was a “happy accident” and began when the Techno Gym was being renovated to what is now the Preva Studio. Amanda explains, “I was never one to utilize the larger fitness center downstairs but during renovations HealthQuest offered me a Complimentary Introduction to the Fitness Center and a Personal Training session. The truth is, I had always been a little intimidated by this larger area of the club but decided to give it a try, the rest as they say, is history”!

Amanda began working out in the Fitness Center under the guidance of Personal Trainer Adrian Kinsella. In less than 4 months Amanda lost 25 pounds, her percentage of body fat decreased by 12.8% while her Lean Body Mass remained the same. Amanda believes the biggest benefit for her was learning to do resistance training correctly plus, she gained a confidence that has translated to all aspects of her life!

Amanda S. July 17, 2018

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We all have our own reasons for joining the gym. Membership feeds the body and soul and encourages our own personal quest for emotional and physical good health. There are people that we meet that inspire us and reinforce our own potential to challenge ourselves and achieve personal goals. HealthQuest member Ellen Gantner is one of those people.

Ellen rejoined HealthQuest (belonging several years ago) following a knee replacement in March 2014. She started aqua aerobic classes as she rehabilitated but also to conquer a lifelong fear of entering water over her head. Ellen’s work schedule often prevented her from going to the scheduled aqua classes but she would come to the club off hours and utilized some of the skills she learned in class as well as observing swimmers and listening to swim Instructor Jean conducting lessons. She also listened to Lifeguard Josh when she overheard him telling an apprehensive new swimmer some hints for overcoming fear and increasing buoyancy. She put all of these things into practice and taught herself to swim!

Ellen moved to the outdoor pool in July coming from 6 to 8 AM each day. She was usually the only one in the pool and Jerry was typically the Lifeguard on duty. The outdoor pool has a larger deep area which made it difficult for Ellen to practice her new skills without conquering her fear of deep water. She started out going 1 foot beyond where she could touch and then 2 feet and then all the way across! When she made it across she let Jerry know that she had never done that before and he was very supportive and continued to offer encouragement, emotional and technical support. At first she did not count laps as she was “happy to survive from one end of the pool to the other.” At the end of July she asked Jerry how many laps were a mile. Jerry told her 36 laps (a lap being up and back or 72 lengths of the pool). According to Ellen, “I laughed out loud and thought that was an impossibility for me”. The next day she counted what she was already achieving and found she was doing 16 laps, almost half way there. The next day she did 18 and by mid-August she was swimming a mile 6 DAYS A WEEK! She continues to swim 6 days a week, and has increased to a 1 1/2 miles each day!

When asked what achieving this goal meant to her Ellen says, “Conquering a lifelong fear is an amazing accomplishment. Not letting the fear of the water impact my daily choice for exercise and physical and emotional well-being has been incredible. It makes me feel that all things are possible!”

We salute you Ellen, you are an inspiration to us all

Ellen G. July 17, 2018

Gabe Goreham has been a HealthQuest member since 2012-2013. He had been to HealthQuest as a kid for teen dances but was drawn back to the club as a member after an unfortunate accident resulted in the loss of his legs. Active and healthy as a kid, Gabe struggled with addiction and depression coupled with excess weight gain following the loss of his legs. Gabe began to exercise and work himself back into shape in 2013 however an unhealthy relationship and unresolved issues from his accident lead him back down a negative path.

It was at this time Gabe really carved out a niche in the HealthQuest community as he worked to turn his life around; this time permanently. Gabe says “I am incredibly thankful to HealthQuest because during this time it was a real place of safety for me where I was always welcomed with open arms and encouraged.” Gabe credits HealthQuest staff members Caron Moskowitz, Tracy St. Clair, Mikayla Leidli, Stephen Slack, Kyle Kimple, and Rachel Schilp along with a number of his fellow HealthQuest members for providing great support in his life. During his struggles, Gabe always looked forward to making the trip to HealthQuest for a workout or to shoot hoops to better his health and interact with those that were helping him drive his life in a positive direction.

Gabe is now working toward walking on prosthetics full-time, has lost over one hundred pounds, and became a certified yoga instructor. Gabe states that his goal going forward is to help and inspire people who have been affected by life-altering trauma. He is a firm believer that through physical activity, there are no limits! Gabe now has a website and has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money toward his venture. The video below, taken from Gabe’s crowdfunding page, tells more about Gabe’s journey.

Gabe’s story reminds us of the value to creating a welcoming community in addition to great fitness opportunities.

Gabe Goreham July 17, 2018