A New Year and New Fitness Challenges at HealthQuest

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Every year millions of Americans promise themselves that they will finally shed the weight that they put on from stress, kids, or Christmas treats. Some accomplish this seemingly daunting goal, but many fall short. Losing weight, and keeping it off can often be tricky for people. It’s so easy to be distracted from goals like weight loss and improved physical fitness.

The key to maintaining a goal weight and reaching a healthy place is by making a change in lifestyle. HealthQuest is here to start as soon as you are. January 11th is the first day of our annual “I Lost it at the Club” Fitness Challenge. It’s a great way to get into the gym, and try different fitness classes and programs while building a routine, and earning points.

Every week we will be promoting a new set of challenges. These challenges will be around the club, but will be based on places around the globe. Each week’s fitness challenge will have a Bronze, Silver and Gold level (plus an All-Star Bonus). Combine these challenges with regular club attendance, and you might be the HealthQuest Health Club member who loses the greatest percentage of body fat.

The prizes are great – and six club members (3 male and 3 female) will be awarded first, second, and third place based on participation points. The more points you collect by earning medals and completing bonuses, the better chance you have at winning prizes and the Grand Prize – a $2500 round trip to Epcot! HealthQuest will collect booklets and total each participant’s points, then convert them into prize ticket numbers. Each prize entry will be entered in the Grand Prize Drawing at the Closing Ceremony Party on March 4th. Winners will be drawn at random. All winners must be present to win.

Your initial weigh-in can occur any time before the start of the challenge or during Week #1 (January 11-16). Weigh-ins will take place in the Fitness Center on our InBody 520 Body Composition Analysis machine. Visit the Fitness Center Desk and a personal trainer will take you through the weigh-in process.

Final weigh-ins will take place during the final week of the challenge with days/times to be released in the weekly email communication as the final week approaches. Although there are only 2-scheduled weigh-ins, feel free to track your own progress throughout the challenge with the scale located in the HealthQuest Fitness Center!

Good Luck this year – we hope you hit your News Year’s resolutions and goals, fitness related or not.

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