Activating Your New Member Portal – What You Need to Know


As you may have heard, HealthQuest is changing systems, and we’re excited!  Our new system, Club Automation, will have a variety of new and enhanced features including better program registration, ability to view statements online, a more useful member portal and much more to improve your experience. 


First Things, First!

You need to get started with a login and password.  Good news is… it’s easy!  Start by visiting our website and clicking on “Member Login”.  You will be brought to the following screen:

On your first visit to this page, please click the “Access My Account” button in the lower left (all subsequent logins can be done in the upper block).  Please then fill out your name and email address, as prompted.   Once your account has been identified, you will receive a “We found your account” prompt. A verification email will then be sent to your email address with the final login instructions. Please open your email to access these instructions.  The email you receive includes a verification link  that must be opened to complete the setup process. Once the link is selected, you will be directed to an information page where you will enter/verify your personal information.  The email and password entered during this step will be your username and password moving forward.  Once completed, please select “Save Account”.

Note:  You will only be directed to this information page during your initial log in. Future logins will not require this step. 


Now What?

Now that your account is verified and your username and password are set with the new system you’re ready to use it fully!  Visit the “Member Login” on our homepage any time to access you member portal that will look much like this:

Here you can view your membership and any family member accounts using the drop down arrow at the top, your account balance and we’ll be utilizing the Club Announcements section to provide you with important information throughout the year!  On the left sidebar you’ll be able to view Programs (this is also where you’ll complete youth programming registration beginning September 5th), the Group Fitness Class Schedule, and view your statement. Feel free to click around the portal in the meantime to see what’s new!

You can feel free to stop by the Front Desk or Membership Services at any time regarding your new Member Portal activation.

We hope you’re excited about the new systems and enhanced functionality for your member experience!  We continue to work diligently to bring you the best the industry has to offer in every aspect of your and your family’s fitness journey.  Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of HealthQuest Team at (908)-782-4009.  We want to ensure this transition is smooth for all members!

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