Aikido Seminar & Demonstration Scheduled for July 20th

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Sensei Rick GoodmanIf Michael Jordan was running a basketball clinic or Picasso was teaching paint technique, would you stop by to check it out, maybe even sign-up for a lesson? Well, you might want to check out HealthQuest’s Martial Arts Aikido program! HealthQuest is extraordinarily fortunate to have one of only 5 of the highest ranked Kokikai Aikido instructors in the world, yes the world!

Rick Goodman Sensei has been instructing Aikido at HealthQuest since 2003; He has been practicing Kokikai Aikido since 1976 and holds a 7th degree black belt.  He has trained for over 35 years under the continuous instruction and guidance of Osensei Shuji Maruyama, the founder of Kokikai Aikido. Osensei Maruyama was Uchi-Deshi (esteemed apprentice) to Osensei Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of all Aikido.

HealthQuest’s Martial Arts director Doug Woelfel commented, “To have a pure lineage like this is extremely rare and almost non-existent in Martial Arts today. We are truly honored and extraordinarily fortunate to have Rick Goodman Sensei as part of our Martial Arts program.”

To observe this amazing teacher in action please feel free to stop by HealthQuest’s Aikido Seminar and Demonstration on July 20th from 2 – 5 pm. Located in Exercise Room 2. This is a complimentary seminar, and remember, Aikido is included in your HealthQuest membership!  

Aikido principles focus on coordinating mind and body by learning to be relaxed and centered. To learn more about HealthQuest Martial Arts, Aikido and Rick Goodman Sensei, click here.

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