It’s Our Anniversary, but We’re Giving You Reason to Celebrate

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Whether you measure our age in dog years, or people years, HealthQuest has been in the fitness business for a long time! In 15 years, We’ve seen and done it all – but that isn’t stopping us from continuing to improve, and grow our membership. While we do wish we could know how many squats have been done and how many miles our members have run on the treadmills, we are certain that we’ll be serving Flemington, NJ for many years to come.

HealthQuest has been in Hunterdon County for our entire existence. Founded in 2001, HealthQuest has been dedicated to helping combat stress, heart disease, and other health problems from our Flemington, NJ location. While we can’t do the exercise for our members, we have been more than happy to provide a location and equipment for a top notch workout.

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, HealthQuest is launching a new Member Loyalty Rewards program on April 15th in partnership with Perkville! By joining, you can easily earn points just for working out, posting on Facebook & by completing many more activities around the health club. Points can be redeemed for free & discounted items.  Make sure to sign up & get rewarded for the sweat & hard work you put into all your workouts.

If you are coming to the gym anyway, it’s an added bonus. If you are looking for extra motivation to come to the club and sweat a little, this is it! Registration is easy and the points add up fast. You get 50 bonus points just for registering!  Plus, register before April 30th, 2016 & receive 15 extra points in celebration of HealthQuest’s 15th Anniversary!

Sign Up Here:

Stop by this month and see us. No, you don’t have to bring us flowers, or even remember that it’s our anniversary – we won’t hold it against you. What we want is to see our members achieve their fitness goals, and to continue to set the fitness bar high. Thanks for a great 15 years, here’s to another 15 as exciting and rewarding as the first.

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