Exciting New App Updates!

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Update #1 – Announcements

Promotions has changed to Announcements.  We load this section with up to 10 new program announcements or special offers.  You can now SHARE the image with others or REFER an offer to friend who will see different image than you do.

Update #2 – Schedules

The Schedules section has now expanded from just the Group Fitness schedule to include other program schedules (All Sports / Dance / Generation Move / Gymnastics /Martial Arts).  You can now filter the schedule using a search feature, and you can also customize your own “My Schedule” page using the “star” icon and choose your favorite classes or instructors.

Update #3 – FitFriends

If you’ve already created a profile you know FitFriends can connect members with like interests, allowing them to message or group message each other.  With the update, we can now message the whole community of people who share a specific message.  Now that we have this Message Board capability, the interests available will be changing and expanding.  To help us learn what Communities within our club experience you care about and would like to be part of, please reply to hqnews@healthquest-fitness.com with your suggestions for “Interests” or use the Feedback feature in the App to tell us!

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