Finding a Workout Buddy Could Be Beneficial

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  1. Commitment – holds you accountable to the gym at the planned time and allows you to set goals together.
  2. Makes Working Out Fun – why not suffer through a long workout with someone!
  3. Easy to Try New Things – you get excited and look up something new each week to “show and tell”.
  4. Safety – watches your form for you or spots you on those heavy weights that you usually wouldn’t try.
  5. Competition & Motivation – who doesn’t like a little challenge to show off their strengths?  Everyone is different and can bring something new to the table!

Need help finding a workout buddy or just an extra push in motivation?! TRY BUDDY TRAINING, WOW or the NEW WEEKEND WARRIOR CLASS for group training.  WOW is a group of 3-4 that train for 1 hour twice a week with a personal trainer.  The Weekend Warrior classes will start demos in September around the Synrgy 360 “Adult Playground” downstairs in the fitness center.   30 minute high energy sessions that will blast through your entire body. 12-16 in the group – great way to make new friends or hang out with old friends! More information about Weekend Warrior soon to come!

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