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Whether you’re maxing out on the squat rack or pushing through an HIIT session on HealthQuest’s treadmills, it’s crucial that you’re outfitted with gear that helps you remain comfortable and focused on achieving your fitness goals. It’s much easier to face the challenges of an intense weightlifting session, group fitness class or long-distance run when you show up wearing athletic clothing, footwear and accessories designed to help you push past limitations.

Prioritize Comfort With High-Performance Fitness Apparel

A good workout will make you sweat. The ensuing upper-lip sheen and under-arm moisture may be satisfying on some level, but it’s not usually a comfortable feeling. When selecting fitness attire, consider clothing designed with sweat-wicking materials. Many leading athletic brands utilize proprietary technologies that specifically work to draw sweat from the surface of the skin to the fabric’s outer layer where it can evaporate, which helps keep you dry, even after a round of grueling burpees. When heading to the gym, avoid clothes crafted from cotton, as it tends to trap sweat, leading to post-cool-down shivers.

Logging The Miles: Choosing The Proper Footwear For Your Workout

In order to decide which shoes are the “perfect fit”, you’ll need to factor in activity type, the surface upon which you’ll be exercising and a number of other defining factors. Be sure to select shoes that are optimized for the exercise in question – for example, a pair of cross trainers wouldn’t be sensible if you’re an avid runner. Instead, select a pair of running shoes designed with cushioning in the forefoot area and a lightweight construction to supply a sensation of weightlessness with every stride.

If weight training is the primary way you burn calories, choose shoes that keep you stable as you squat and lift. Shy away from heavily padded shoes, because this padding absorbs downward impact and reduces your ability to take advantage of the ground. Instead, find shoes that keep your soles closer to the ground, so you can push off and utilize that force to bolster your lifting ability.

Other Equipment And Accessories

There’s a plethora of non-wearable gear that’s sure to come in handy when working out at HealthQuest. Adequate hydration is key to conquering high-performance exercises, so consider a quality water bottle to keep a cool drink on hand while you walk around the health club.

When it comes to running, athletic watches can be very useful in monitoring your cardio performance. A number of these watches let you monitor your heart rate, so you know when you’re in your target zone or when you need to kick things up a notch. Consider smart fitness watches with GPS capability, which allow you to track your distance with ease, and a built-in interval timer feature that makes it easy to see when you’ve finally set a new PR.

For both weight training and running, a foam roller is a must-have accessory. These convenient tubes of foam are self explanatory – roll them across sore spots post-workout for a deeply satisfying massage that helps lengthen and loosen tight muscles and helps expedite the recovery process.

Get Active At HealthQuest

Give your fitness routine the boost it needs with the broad range of fitness programs available at HealthQuest. Contact us today to learn more.

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