HealthQuest Accepted as USAG Member Club

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We are proud to announce that we are establishing a USAG Women’s Junior Olympic competitive gymnastics team!

Gymnastics TeamUpon HealthQuest’s having been accepted as a USAG Member Club, we (coaches Amanda, Chris, and James, along with much help from our Director Maryann Barraco and HealthQuest’s General Manager Deirdre Whalen) have decided that our team girls have both the passion and the talent to compete their gymnastics against that of other schools.

This is an exciting time for HealthQuest Gymnastics, as not only will we be training to compete our girls, but the gym will also be undergoing some refreshing.  As all current gymnasts are well aware, we have installed spring floor, and are awaiting the arrival of our new TAC 10 vaulting table (the official table of USAG Women’s Junior Olympics, and NCAA Women’s National Gymnastics Championship).  Additionally, a new set of uneven parallel bars, along with an array of new mats are also on the way.

“So where do we go from here?” You might find yourself asking.

What this means is that the girls (Seniors, the Minis, and the Pre-Team) will train in accordance with the USAG guidelines applicable to their skill level.  Though this may sound on the verge of intimidating, this should ultimately be viewed as something equally challenging, enriching, and fun.

Competitive gymnastics has been an integral part of the lives of all three of our coaches; and, having learned from lifelong experience, they feel it important to pass the knowledge on to their students.

We stress that competition is not something to be feared, but an experience to both learn from and grow by, as well as enjoy to the maximum.

There will be a parent information meeting on September 9th at 6:00pm, in the gym.  All parents are strongly urged to attend.

We thank you for your continued support, and hope that you look forward to this new and exciting chapter in the HealthQuest Gymnastics program.


Coaches Amanda Sujansky, Chris Austra, and James Teichman

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