HQ Happenings – Mar 25, 2022


HQ Happenings
HQ Happenings | March 25th, 2022
HealthQuest Happenings
Congratulations to Our Indoor Triathlon Finishers!
Our racers trained hard over an 8-week period and accomplished their goals this past Sunday! We’re proud of each and every triathlete we got to cheer on, some using the opportunity to complete their first ever race! We also owe special thanks to Athletifreak for their collaboration and providing some special gifts to our participants!

As we celebrate the accomplishments of all, we’re excited to share our Top 3 Finishers Male & Female:

1st – Dan Allen
2nd – Mat Nelessen
3rd – Bradley Walton

1st – Kim Gauthier
2nd – Janet Tolley
3rd – Deb Farbanish

We thank all our participants for your dedication to training and personal fitness!
New Additions Coming to the Fitness Center
We’re excited to announce that a new addition to the Fitness Center will be coming next week! Given latest demands and trends in fitness, HealthQuest will be adding 5 brand new Eleiko racks complete with built in platforms! The new racks will also come stocked with some new benches, bars and plates.

These state-of-the-art racks will certainly be a welcomed addition to your fitness selection on the floor. Stay tuned for some upcoming demos once the new racks are in place!
Difference Maker
HealthQuest celebrates our latest Difference Maker, Marion Fusi!

Marion Fusi started teaching spin an mat Pilates at HQ in the fall of 2016. She has always been active in the Running Club, and in 2018 became the leader of that program. Weekly she sets up runs for the members, helps them to set and meet their individual goals, and coaches them to the next level. Her experience in road racing and triathlons has been a benefit to all of our members involved in the running club, triathlon training, and bike racing. Marion has added to her strengths by training as a Pilates apparatus instructor, along with her skills as a mat Pilates instructor. She has worked tirelessly to make the indoor triathlon a success, working with individuals and groups helping them to prepare for the event. Marion is a hard worker that brings her upbeat, enthusiastic, empathetic way into the classroom that really connects with our members and her fellow instructors.
Start Thinking Summer Camp!
All 2022 Summer Camp information is out and it’s time to start thinking about how to keep the kids active this summer!

With a wide variety of camp themes, we have something that will interest every child and have them making last memories all summer long. Check out our website for all the exciting details and reserve your child a spot today!

Questions about camp? Our Camp Director, Candace Bunnell would be happy to assist – contact her at bunnell@hqfit.com or (908)-782-4009 x234.
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