HQ Happenings – May 5, 2022


HQ Happenings

HQ Happenings | May 5th, 2022

HealthQuest Happenings

Mark Your Calendars!

After 2 years without our favorite club wide event, we’re excited to announce the return of anniversary celebration. May 16th will kick off our Member Appreciation Week with a lot of special class and fun activities planned for our wonderful #HQCommunity!

There will also be surprise giveaways and appearances throughout the week for some additional treats!

Check out the link to our event flow page below for more details.

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Spring II Swim Lessons

Open Registration Begins May 12th

There’s still time to get the kids swim ready for summer with our 2nd spring session of swim lessons!


Priority Registration for current students starts May 5th and Open Registration starts May 12th. To see the schedule of group lessons available and prepare for the upcoming registration, click the button below.

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Cutting Weight for Summer: Do’s & Don’ts

By: Adrian Kinsella, HealthQuest Personal Trainer 

Spring has now arrived, and every year at this time people start to snap out of their long winter doldrums and start to consider the summer months of pool or beach season ahead. However, in their rush to prepare, people often put themselves under undue stress or make a series of (easily correctable) mistakes when it comes time to looking good for those bathing suits.

Weight management and loss of excess body fat is always a commendable goal, but there are safe and unsafe ways to go about it. Crash diets are never a good idea, as they are unsustainable and often lacking in one or more macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, or dietary fats). Instead, it is recommended to eat a balanced diet while steadily reducing portion sizes or eliminating snacks. By doing this it is possible to safely lose 1 to 2 pounds a week.

Other tricks for losing weight that are sustainable include:

  • Trick your brain by making smaller portions look bigger- use smaller plates.
  • Drink lots of water during (and between) meals.
  • Eat slowly, and put your fork down between bites. When we eat too fast, our brains will sometimes think we’re still hungry even when our body is telling us we should be full.
  • Brush your teeth if you’re feeling hungry. The taste of toothpaste can help quell an appetite, and you’ll be less likely to want to get food on your nice clean teeth so soon.
  • Don’t forget to get enough sleep! Sleep is an often overlooked facet of weight management.
  • Allow yourself the occasional indulgence, but plan for it, and then enjoy it guilt-free.

For more information, please consult our Fitness Center staff. We are here to help you!

SPrINg to Summer Challenge!

Still Time to Jump In, Log Your Miles and Win Prizes!

Who’s up for another fun challenge powered by Athletifreak!?!? We’re going to SPrINg to SUMMER from Easter to Memorial Day! All you need is a free Performance IQ account and all your cycling miles during classes at the club will be tracked automatically in our system between April 17 – May 30.

Each rider accumulating 80, 160, and 240 Miles in the 6 week challenge will earn prizes at each benchmark from Athletifreak and HQ! Free for Members.

See a Spin instructor for help with your PIQ account or create one at https://hqfit.myperformanceiq.com.

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Active Dynamic Warm-ups Help Prevent Sports Injuries

 “The science and literature support the epidemiologic evidence that static stretching before exercise does not reduce the risk of injury,” (Shrier, 1999).

The Active Dynamic Warm-Up has been a staple of the Parisi program for years and is one of the reasons our athletes thrive. Basically, an Active Dynamic Warm-Up warms the body, reduces injury risk, and improves performance. The “ADW” focuses on specific exercises in a science-based progression which use dynamic movements to promote an increase in core temperature and blood flow. In laymen’s terms, an active dynamic warm-up prepares your body for the upcoming workout or competition by increasing your body and muscle temperature.

The first goal of an ADW is to activate the core and gluteal muscles, to “wake them up” with neural activity and blood flow, so they fire effectively to help stabilize the spine and extend the hip. The next phase of the warm-up is general calisthenics and mobility exercises to raise the body’s core temperature and increase blood flow throughout all the joints and muscles. Third, is a series of dynamic flexibility movements that bring the joints through a range of motion that your sport requires.

Just like anything else, when your body is properly prepared your performance will improve.

Stop by the Parisi Sports desk on the lower level and ask for a free Speed Pass. Try a session and our Active Dynamic Warm-Up yourself.

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New Basketball Training Technology Comes to HealthQuest

HealthQuest is now booking 30-minute sessions with our new Shooting Machine in the Sport Center! Improve your form and get valuable reps and practice in while tracking your progress and receiving suggested drills based on your performance over time. Book your appointment with Coach Candace at bunnell@hqfit.com.

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Global Learning Center
Enroll in an Enrichment Course Today!

Global Learning Center (GLC) is offering a number of enrichment courses to help young students advance in many areas! For your convenience, GLC will soon be offering some courses on select nights at HealthQuest. Take a look at some of the courses offered:

It’s safe to say that coding is one of the most constructive hobbies for children to adopt, especially since it can help them develop persistence, communication creativity and higher-order thinking.

Rubik’s Cube
This magical puzzle, The Rubik’s Cube, teaches you life lessons like perseverance, patience & concentration. The joy & satisfaction of solving a cube is unparalleled and unmatched. Gift your brain a Rubik’s Cube & you will thank yourself in the future.

Math is all around us everywhere in everything we do, it is an essential building block for students. Learning math can help to improve one’s problem solving skills, analytical and reasoning ability, which helps them master decision making.

English Language Arts is an essential component to a child’s education. It gives them the framework to understand content faster, more effectively and provides them with skills to go beyond the written word.

For questions or to enroll in an enrichment course, please contact Global Learning Center at (908)-378-8518 or info@ourgloballearningcenter.com.
Start Thinking Summer Camp!
All 2022 Summer Camp information is out and it’s time to start thinking about how to keep the kids active this summer!

With a wide variety of camp themes, we have something that will interest every child and have them making last memories all summer long. Check out our website for all the exciting details and reserve your child a spot today!

Questions about camp? Our Camp Director, Candace Bunnell would be happy to assist – contact her at bunnell@hqfit.com or (908)-782-4009 x234.
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Racquet Sports, Golf & Activities Summer Camp
Offered by Stanton Ridge Golf & Country Club

HealthQuest is partnering with our friends at Stanton Ridge to provide you access to their Summer Camp (ages 7-13) featuring tennis, pickleball, golf and other activities. Register your child weekly for full or half day camp with lunch and time at the pool included! Spots are limited and HealthQuest members will receive exclusive pricing.

For more information and to register please contact Kevin Jackson at kjackson@HeritageGolfGroup.com or call 908-534-1234 ext 315.

Click the Button below to view their flyer!
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