January 2017 Difference Maker

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We’d like to take a moment to celebrate our first Difference Maker of the New Year, Stella Jara, of the HQ Cafe!

Stella was nominated by HQ Cafe Manager Corey Wapelhorst, and he had many wonderful things to say about her:

“I would like to speak upon Stella’s strengths at the HealthQuest Café while working as an employee of mine. She has demonstrated excellent customer service while I have been present. Stella is always polite and positive while at work; always smiling and pleasant to be around. If she is asked to perform a task, she does without second thought and is always happy to lend a hand. Stella has made a point to establish a profound relationship with the customers that stop by on a daily basis. She has always been punctual and is truly a team player.

While working at the Café, she has displayed that she has the company’s best interest at mind. The mission at HealthQuest is based on providing high quality to its clientele while handling various tasks at once; Stella has more than proved she has achieved this mission.”

The entire HealthQuest Team celebrates Stella’s work here at the club! Each month HealthQuest recognizes staff that go above and beyond to make a difference to our Members. Our staff is truly dedicated to make HealthQuest the best part of the day for each and every Member.


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