Julie’s Corner – An Ideal Formula for an Ideal Day

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The editor’s note in Real Simple Magazine made me smile. She writes about her formula to feel energized all day. She then lists the activities of her “perfect energy day”, which starts with getting a full eight hours of uninterrupted sleep and is followed by a list of fourteen other activities.

Here’s the part that made me giggle…after listing many different items, many of which I could relate to, (such as a good cup of coffee to start the day), she writes that her formula for sustained energy works really well …. 5 to 6 days a year!

It made me stop and think … what’s my ideal day? If the stars and planets were perfectly aligned and everything fell into place, what would be my formula for the ideal day? Knowing the elements of your ideal day can bring you closer to finding your own balance and prioritizing the “non-negotiable activities” of your day.

Like the editor, my ideal day includes a good night of sleep, a hot cup of coffee in the morning, exercise, and conversation over dinner with loved ones at the end of the day.

What’s your ideal day formula?

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