Julie’s Corner – Holiday Gift Guide for the Wellness Enthusiast

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Lets be honest, part of the holiday excitement definitely comes from the anticipation of gift giving and receiving. If buying for a health and fitness enthusiast, there are arrays of goodies, ranging from just $10 – $100 dollars, which are sure help one on their quest for optimal health and wellness.

What is great about health and fitness gifts is that they, unlike most other stuff we get stuck with after the holidays, serve a beneficial purpose. Starting from the lower end of the budget spectrum, here are this season’s must haves.

  • Positive Prime: This simple charm bracelet hand stamped with words “SWEAT,” “LIFT,” or “TRANSFORM,” is a subtle reminder, or positive prime, that can help your achieve fitness goals. (Primes are cues in your environment that prompt you to think or behave in a certain way. They are scientifically studied in various fields, especial goal attainment)
    Approximately- $10

  • Music Mix: Custom mix to the tempo of your choosing or select from pre-made music mixes specific to your favorite workout or group fitness class. Tabata, TRX, cycling, interval, and yoga mixes are among the variety of choices that can be found at any one of the following:
    Approximately- $20

  • Sneaker Charms: Choose from over 200 options or have one customized with your favorite sports team. Fun trinket for a stocking stuffer.
    Approximately- $30

  • Camelbak Water Bottle with Built in Filtration System: Fill it with your favorite protein bars, workout headbands, green tea or other small fitness treat, top off with a bow and you have an great gift ready to go.
    Approximately- $40

  • Medals and Race Bibs Display: Hand crafted display pieces come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be adapted for any medal display.
    Approximately- $50

  • Fit Bit Zip: This upscale pedometer with accelerometer tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned and syncs those stats to your computer and select smartphones for an electronic journal of accurate daily activity. (Food Journaling is one of the 5 common behaviors of people who have lost weight and kept it off long term). 
    Approximately- $60

  • Post Workout Warmth: An infinity scarf by Lululemon is perfect to throw on after your workout. Made from Cashlux fabric, a blend of organic cotton and rayon derived from bamboo and cashmere, it’s soft, but breathable so you don’t overheat.
    Approximately $70
  • Fitness for the traveler: Pair up a good quality jump rope with Spri’s The Braided Xertube® with handles and gift your traveler with  all the necessary equipment for a great workout, wherever they may be.  Not only are they small and easily packed in a suitcase or carryon, they are effective and efficient.  At 10 calories a minute energy expenditure, jumping rope is effective cardio workout that can be done anywhere, anytime.  The Braided Xertube has enhanced strength for long lasting use so it won’t snap after a few uses.  To top the gift off, remind your recipient that  a variety of exercises and adaptations can be found free on the internet.
    Approximately- $80
  • Kettlebell plus Training Session: Almost all aspects of fitness are targeted with kettlebells!  Endurance, strength, balance agility and cardio endurance are challenged in a time efficient workout that uses only one piece of equipment.  It’s good to get instruction when getting started with kettlebells so consider pairing the equipment with a session with a certified trainer.  Check credentialing organizations such as ACE (American Counsel on Exercise) to find a qualified professional in your area.
    Approximately- $90
  • Spurge on a Great Pair of Ear Buds: UR Beats by Dr. Dre delivers great sound and stays put while working out. #1 choice of surveyed instructors and trainers.
    Approximately- $100

This shopping season, buy for practicality rather than for provisional, short-term, usage. These aforementioned gifts are sure to answer that tricky question everyone finds himself or herself asking, “What should I get them?” From inspirational bracelets to ear buds, there is something for anyone on your list.


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