Julie’s Corner – Stocking Your Spring Cleaned Refrigerator: 3 Fresh Tips

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1)   Have your fruits and veggies ready to go and place them at eye level. Whenever you open the door, the best choices will stare back at you. If that means storing those tempting treats in the fruit and veggie drawers and moving the oranges and carrots to the open shelves, by all means make that change! When hunger pangs growl, the likelihood of choosing a fresh, crunchy apple is higher if it’s what you see the moment you peer inside.

2)   Building on tip number one, pick the right storage containers for refrigerated foods. You don’t have to be a psychology major to understand stimulus control. Using opaque rather than clear storage containers can influence what you grab. Store those sugary, fatty treats in opaque containers or inside foil packages instead of clear plastic wrap. When you head for the fridge, you’ll be less likely to eat the left over pie if it doesn’t advertise their it’s presence. Simply decreasing the visual stimulation can foster healthier choices.

3)   Water should always be on hand and ready to drink. If an ounce of preparation will increase your fruit and veggie intake then prepare for water consumption, too! Have it ready and in sight. Consider flavoring it with herbs like peppermint, fruits or cucumber if that makes it more desirable. If plain or lightly flavored water doesn’t float your boat, consider a half-and-half mixture of fresh juice and water or seltzer. Over time, you can ratchet down to 25% juice with 75% water.

Remember that willpower is like a muscle that wears down with every decision you make throughout the day. If every time you open your refrigerator decide whether to eat a tempting treat or something healthy, you deplete your willpower. By applying these 3 fresh tips all, you’re helping your willpower muscle stay strong and making better nutritional choices.

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