Julie’s Corner – The Wickedly Simple Tool for Happiness and Health

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This month’s Julie’s Corner provides you with a wickedly simple and free tool that will improve your wellness and wellbeing. This tool can be applied to any living area, work space or property. Best of all, you already have everything you need right at hand.

As you read this, take a moment to  look around. What is the room like? What pictures are on the wall? What are you wearing? Are there any smells or sounds? Become a detective to uncover the primes in your life.

What are primes? They are the cues in your environment that prompt you to think or behave in a specific way. Often subtle and sometimes subconscious, they can help or hinder such things as mood, self confidence and commitment to various goals. Research supports the depth and breadth of how primes impact our lives.

This got me thinking about the primes in my own environment, specifically my office. My parents passed down some family pictures from ancestors dating back to the 20’s and 30’s. While I appreciate seeing the roots of my family tree, the people in the pictures were not smiling, in fact, many of them looked miserable. So I rearranged my shelving and the pictures are lovingly stowed in a closet. Sounds silly, but my office feels happier now.

What are the positive and negative primes in your life? Awareness of both can help you take control, gain insight and give your energy to creating your best life. So ask yourself what are the primes in your life? How do they make you think or feel?

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