Julie’s Corner – Tips and Tricks on How to Survive the Holiday Season

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There are many who view Thanksgiving as the kickoff to the holiday season; it is a busy time, in part, defined by juggling all the stressors the season can bring. This makes it even easier for someone to lose track of their fitness and wellness goals, as well as their sanity. Luckily, though, there are expert tips and tricks that can get anyone through the holidays while staying mentally and physically intact.

This season, eat and plan within your means and forget about having a Rockwell, picturesque, occasion. In addition to staying disciplined with diet, keep stress levels in control. Before the big day, set multiple back up plans in case things do not go as planned. Additionally, asking oneself how they would like to feel once the ordeal is over is a way to set personal goals to aspire to. Throughout the day, however, it is most important to take time to breathe and remember what the holidays are truly about-being thankful and enjoying the presence of loved ones. You also want to remember to keep healthy habits a priority – the disruption in normal routine often drops self-care down on the list, but it is in times of stress that we need self care the most, especially sleep and exercise which can do wonders to combat strains of the holidays. In order to come out of the holidays mentally and physically victorious, come to the table hungry, not ravenous with a smaller sized plate. Do not save the day’s calories solely for the big dinner; eat a light breakfast and lunch beforehand. Finally, avoid picking at all costs. The mindless picking that can occur while standing next to the candy bowl, prepping in the kitchen or chatting with family next to the appetizers adds up quickly. Following these tips and tricks will surely help keep down the pounds and stress levels, as well as, help you to survive any holiday.

For more information contact Julie Kaminski, licensed wellcoach and ACE certified personal trainer, at Jkaminskicoach@comcast.net or visit Healthquest-fitness.com.

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