No Limits – A Special Needs Program for Children & Their Families

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Marissa RebimbasMarissa Rebimbas is not only a fitness instructor but she is also a special education teacher of 18 years and the mother of a child with cerebral palsy and autism. Understanding first-hand the challenges of being the parent of a special needs child has allowed Marissa to truly connect with and understand the families of her students.

Marissa has always had a dream of being able to combine her passions of fitness, and special kids. While living at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia this past summer with her son, Marissa had time to do research and realized the lack of activities available to the special needs community. When returning back home from the hospital, Marissa met with HealthQuest, (where she is a group fitness instructor), to discuss her vision. They were very receptive and loved her ideas!  HealthQuest has given Marissa the perfect venue and opportunity to launch her NO LIMITS-special needs program. Marissa commented, “I am so thankful to HealthQuest for allowing me this opportunity and for opening their doors to a program that is so important to the community”.

The NO LIMITS- special needs program, is exactly what it means. There are NO LIMITS to anyone’s potential no matter your disability. There is always a way to be involved and be included. This is a program where not the DISABLED but rather the DIFFERENTLY-ABLED population can have a community where they can socialize with others by incorporating a variety of activities to get them moving and having fun!  The NO LIMITS program will also help with building self-esteem, improving focus and sensory dysfunction, reducing anxiety, and improving muscle tone and range of motion. NO LIMITS will not only provide short term respite to the families, but also allow families to form their own support groups.

The NO LIMITS-special needs program will launch the week of June 23, 2014.  It will run for 5 weeks this summer for ages 5-13.

Always remember:

“I-M POSSIBLE, where nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!!!”

It will be open to members at no charge and non-members for a small fee.

HealthQuest also currently provides Special Needs Swim Lessons. This is a fee based program open to members and non-members. For further information contact Jennifer Lyons at (908) 782-4009 x250 or

For further details on the NO LIMITS program click here or contact Marissa Rebimbas,

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