Martial Arts Classes are part of your Membership!

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At HealthQuest, we incorporate classes into our membership plans. At no additional cost, our members they are free to try and participate in as many courses that they choose. We do this because it gives members the flexibility to choose which fitness classes they want to participate in, from group fitness classes like Body Pump, Zumba and  Yoga to martial arts programs like Aikido, Judo, and Tai Chi!

HealthQuest’s Aikido Instructor is world-renowned. Rick Goodman-Sensei is one of only 3 people in the world to achieve the Kokikai Aikido rank of “8th Dan” or 8th Degree black belt. This rank is significant because it is awarded to individuals that not only excel at Aikido on the mat, but also in teaching Aikido as a lead martial arts instructor. Aikido is known for being a martial art that combines self-defense with self-growth and self-awareness.

According to Sensei Goodman, “The purpose of life is to grow.  Aikido will help your life mission, whatever that is.  That is the promise Aikido holds.  Grow your life force; grow in spite of, and to overcome, your injuries; grow despite your age; grow your Aikido; grow your strength; grow your grace; grow as a spouse; grow as a parent; grow as a human being.”

Gerard Pfeiffer leads our Judo martial arts program. Sensei Pfeiffer has been training in Judo for over 15 years, and competes in martial arts tournaments at both the national level, and regionally in the New Jersey/ Tri-State area. Judo is an Olympic sport and martial art known for its takedowns and throws. One of the more famous modern judokas is MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, who medaled in Judo in 2008.

We have classes for members of all ages. Our martial arts program starts with Little Tigers and Child’s White Belt and continue all the way through adult programs. Try a class out this week, with no additional cost. It’s all part of your HealthQuest Membership!


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