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We are excited to have launched Medallia, a member experience management system, in November of 2013!  Many of you have already received Medallia surveys via email since November.  If you have not yet received one, you most likely will soon!  Receiving honest feedback from our members is the very best way that we can improve our services.  The launching of Medallia was in direct correlation of the removal of our paper comment cards.  In altering the method of membership feedback, we are now able to measure, identify trends and respond to you in real time.

Through the Medallia software we are able to reach out to our members through email on a rotating basis, a few each day, offering a 3-minute online survey.  You will never receive more than one short survey every 90 days, or 4 times each year.  We encourage you to take the 3 minutes and let us know what you are thinking! This allows us to track overall metrics as well as your individual satisfaction levels over time.

Medallia is a tremendous tool in HealthQuest’s effort to improve member experience by engaging you, our members, and acting on your feedback! This information will be an invaluable resource for us to both coach and congratulate our staff on a job well done!  As a team, we look forward to hearing from you!

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