Mindful Aging Through Pilates

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While aging is a natural, inevitable progression in life, Pilates can help ease some of the “normal” aging changes.   Pilates is a low-impact way to stay active and healthy and improve overall strength, stability, balance and functional joint range of motion.  Pilates targets the core and works the WHOLE body – helping you to feel stronger and more confident, stand taller and more stable, and move freely with less pain as you engage in daily life activities.  The benefits of Pilates are endless!

Maintain Muscle:  Physical inactivity will exacerbate muscle loss.  Pilates will use light resistance during low impact exercises to get your body moving and muscles active!

Upright Posture:  As you age, gravity tends to pull you down and create that “hunched” over posture.  Pilates will work to strengthen the core muscles of the front and back of your body to create balanced muscle strength to help you maintain an upright standing posture.

Better Flexibility and Range of Motion:  Pilates uses movement to incorporate lengthening with resistance to help maintain flexibility.   Exercises help to lubricate the joints, preserve healthy muscle tissues, and maintain full range of motion.   Pilates helps to maximize mobility to enable success in daily life activities – i.e. bending down to pick something up, reaching overhead to get food out of a cabinet.

Balance:   A strong core promotes better balance!  Pilates exercises originate from the deeper, stabilizing muscles to help you feel more grounded and centered.   You will develop more symmetry, stability and strength – The result: overall better balance!

Bone Density:   Weight bearing and resistance exercising have been shown to help improve bone density.  Pilates give you the full benefits of resistance training without adding undo stress to the joints and bones you are trying to protect.

“If you are stiff and out of shape at 30, you are old.  If you are supple and strong at 60, you are young” – Joseph Pilates.

Join us in the Pilates Studio on Tuesday, November 29th at 1pm for a free complimentary class geared for the active aging client!   Contact Sarah Stangota in the Pilates Studio at 908-782-4009 x280 to reserve your spot!

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