Adrian Kinsella, Certified Personal Trainer at HealthQuest

Motivation vs. Discipline


Lots of people talk about finding their “motivation” to work out, but what does this mean exactly? And more importantly, does it actually work?  Consider that every year, gyms across the country fill up with new members around this time, the so called “New Year’s resolutioners”. And yet, usually after only a few months, many will have dropped off and given up. So why is that? The answer is that these people might have been motivated, but they didn’t have the discipline.

To be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with motivation. Motivation can be a great thing if it inspires people to get started. But there are two problems with relying on motivation only for your fitness goals. Firstly, motivation can be fleeting or temporary. And secondly, it also often comes from an external source. Meaning that if that external source ever goes away, so does the motivation.

Discipline, however, comes from within.  When you no longer have that motivation to keep working out, discipline will see you through and keep you going.  And this isn’t something that will be developed overnight by many people. But if you can do something for long enough, it becomes ingrained within you. That is when working out becomes simply a part of life, like brushing your teeth or taking a shower, instead of something you “psych yourself up” for.  This is also the point where fitness becomes fun for a lot of people, because they can see for themselves how much better they look and feel after doing it. Motivation is nice to have, but discipline will win out every time.

For further questions and assistance (or just help in instilling that discipline!), please feel free to consult with our Fitness Center Staff. We are here to help you!

Adrian Kinsella
Certified Personal Trainer
HealthQuest Fitness Club

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