New Year, New You: Sticking to Your Fitness Resolutions


By Elite Personal Trainer Adrian Kinsella (

The new year can be an exciting time, carrying with it a connotation of new beginnings and fresh starts. We’ve all heard the clichés. Every January, countless well-meaning people decide to embrace this spirit of change by setting a goal to join a gym and get in shape. Unfortunately, not all of them manage to stick to their resolutions, and many give up completely in the next few months. So why then do so many people fall through the cracks and fail to achieve their fitness goals?

Part of the problem is people set vague goals. Saying “I want to get in shape” has its heart in the right place, but unfortunately it also doesn’t really mean much. On the other hand, saying “I want to lose ten pounds” is a better goal because you now have something specific in mind. Wanting to lose those ten pounds by a specific date is better still. Wanting to look their best for a big event such as a wedding or graduation can be a powerful and effective motivator for many people. The more specific the goal you set for yourself, the easier it is to stay focused, track your progress, and hold yourself accountable. Those who trade their vague open-ended goals for “S.M.A.R.T. goals” (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) are far more likely to find success.

The other reason people fail to stick with their fitness regimen is they don’t give themselves enough time or expect too much from themselves too soon. Studies have shown that it takes about 21 days for something to form a habit, and 90 days before it becomes a permanent lifestyle change. Until these milestones are reached however, new gym members are still in their transformative stage. This is a vulnerable time for some people, if they are prone to giving up. If you feel this might be you, understand that you are doing the right thing by trying. Trust the process. And forgive yourself for the occasional slip up. Sometimes life gets in the way and you might miss a workout. That happens to the best of us! Keep forging ahead. And, always remember your reason for doing this in the first place.

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