Are You Over Training?

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Article by: Wellness Director Chelsea Salisbury

To make sure you’re not over training be sure to review a number of possible signs:

  • Monitor your morning heart rate before getting out of bed.  An elevated reading means that your metabolic rate has increased to meet the demands imposed on your body.
  • Are you always thirsty?  If you keep drinking and crave more you may be in a catabolic state.  When your muscles enter a state of catabolism, they actually lose mass, density, strength and definition.  This can occur due to improper nutrition, a lack of sleep, improper training techniques and more.  By eating, training and resting with a strategy, you’ll keep your muscles growing and avoid catabolism.
  • Are you sore longer than 72 hours after a workout?  Increase your rest days!
  • Insomnia – Eat clean food and take a week off of training.  Sleep is very important for the physical restoration of your body!
  • Depression or body image issues?  This could have a direct link how much you are training to get to where you want to be.  Please meet with a personal trainer to help set realistic and measurable goals tailored for you!
  • Sick more often?  Over training doesn’t allow your immunity system to work as well.  Take a rest!  You may also consider implementing vitamins A & E, as well as, glutamine.
  • Do you talk a lot at the gym between sets?  Ineffective training with break in our sets is counterproductive because our body isn’t designed to build muscle and lose fat this way.
  • Increased injuries are a direct sign that you need more recovery through nutrition and rest.
  • No change in your body?  muscles need a chance to recover and rebuild.  Don’t force your exercise!

If any of these ring a bell, you should contact one of our friendly personal trainers to get your training on track.  Listen to your body and know the signs even if you feel 110%!

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