Who Can Practice Tai Chi?

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Anyone!  If you have the desire and patience to learn, you will reap the benefits of Tai Chi.

Our classes are a constant learning experience, promoting relaxation and well-being.  Whether learning a form or participating in QiGong, many people find it extremely fulfilling.  QiGong (Chi Kung) is the exercise that creates life energy.  The purpose of Chi Kung is to increase chi (energy) into the body.

Tai Chi (Supreme Ultimate Boxing) is based on a martial art.  Even though the slow movements represent fighting moves, emphasis is put on “Deep Breathing, Visualization, and Balance.  When one has completed the “Short and Long Forms”, then and only then, self-defense is introduced.  Here at HealthQuest we promote it as a health exercise in which every organ is stimulated.

You may have seen the graceful images of people gliding through dance like poses as they practice Tai Chi.  Simply watching them is relaxing.  Often described as “moving meditation”, Tai Chi promotes serenity through gentle movements connecting the mind and body.

Try one of our 4 weekly classes listed on the schedule; it is a great addition to your other workouts at HealthQuest.

Mark your calendar for World Tai Chi Day, April 27th from 9:30am-11:30am.  This event is free to Members and Guest so please feel free to join us!  Please RSVP for the event at the HealthQuest Tai Chi webpage here.
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